Turkey's Universities', SMEs' and Science Centers' Integration to Europe

TUSMES is a Specific Support Action (SSA) project that is designed according to the ERA objectives of the European Union Sixth Framework Programme and it has been selected by the European Commission for funding upon its application to the ACC-SSA-2003-General call.

Through the training courses on proposal writing, partner search and project management, the aims of this project are;

  • Providing an environment for creating a joint working culture by establishing networks between SMEs, universities and science centers;
  • Supplying information for create a ground for project development;
  • Increasing the participation of Turkish firms and universites to the Sixth Framework Programme with the projects that they prepare together with foreign partners.
  • Within the scope of the TUSMES Project; training course programmes were organised between April 2004 - October 2004 in Istanbul, Kayseri, Bursa, Eskisehir, Denizli, Gaziantep and Adana. In these training courses more that 1500 SMEs and university members have been informed about the FP6.

    Training Courses:

  • Trainings of Trainers & Advisors
  • Basic Introduction to Sixth Framework Programme including How the European Union Operates and TUSMES Training & Competition Programme
  • Proposal Writing for Sixth Framework Programme R&D Contract
  • Workshops
  • FP6 Contracts, Financial and Administrative Aspects
  • Intellectual Property Rights and the Applications in the Sixth Framework Programme

  • Consultancy and support services:

    Besides the training courses, the participants will be supported at every stage while they are preparing project for the FP6. These services target to the SMEs and university members who have attended at least one of the TUSMES training courses and last for 7 months after the training courses are finalised till at the end of the project.

    TUSMES Project Competition and Awards:

    With the Project Competition program, the participants would have a chance to put the theoretical information that they have gained through seminars into practice. In the competition the awards will be given in the categories of social responsibility, creativity and woman scientist.

    Project Coordinator: MK Consultancy Training

    Project Partners: MK Consultancy Training, Science Center Foundation, Makro Degisim Organization, Kobiline